What is a honda certified used vehicle?

To put it bluntly, they are the top pre-owned vehicles of our Honda pre-owned inventory. Honda vehicles already have a strong reputation in Canada and that’s why Honda Certified Used Vehicles are highly sought after thanks to Honda’s legendary reputation for durability, quality, reliability and holding its value.
The certified program is A title earned by passing a very strict set of tests That not only ensures that the used vehicle maintains Honda's reputation to the highest level.

What determines if a used vehicle will be “Honda certified”?

The best way to describe AND FUTURE

our process is that every vehicle is evaluated on 3 points



When a vehicle is traded in or we purchase a pre-owned vehicle the first step we do is look into its past. We start by running a CARFAX canada, CarProof or vehicle history report to ensure that the vehicle was not involved in any major accidents or has been rebuilt. We also look for the vehicle's full-service history to ensure that all required maintenance was done to the vehicle at the correct millage. If the vehicle's past is in good standing we move on to the next step.


We now look at the vehicle's current condition. For this step, a factory Honda trained technician does complete a bumper-to-bumper 100 point mechanical inspection. Then a bumper-to-bumper physical inspection. After this, the technician will then order any Honda genuine parts that are needed to ensure the vehicle is flawless. If no major mechanical or bodywork is needed then we can now complete our final and favourite process. “The future”


This step is solely dedicated to our customers and providing you with the confidence that when you decided to purchases a Honda certified vehicle should feel the same if not better piece of mind than you would if you were to purchase a new Honda vehicle.

-The first step we do is a full service on the vehicle so when purchased you would start your servicing the same as you would with a “New honda vehicle”.

-Access to “MyHonda” which is a personalized website portal that allows you to access all types of information regarding your vehicle, including maintenance schedules, promotional offers and even Honda recalls.

-With all certified pre-owned vehicles, we extended the original powertrain factory warranty for an additional 2 years. Brining that warranty to be a 7 yr 160,000 KM warranty. And just like any “New vehicle purchase” we offer our certified vehicle owners the option to purchase an extended warranty. 

-And the final and one of the biggest confidence boosters for those who purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle is we offer a 7 day or 1000KM no-hassle exchange policy.

Honda certified Vehicles most FAQ

                               1. What the highest a pre-owned Honda can be considered to be a “Certified pre-owned”?                     

 Max KM can Be 150,000     

2. What is the oldest model that can be “certified pre-owned”?

All vehicles 5 model years before the current model year.
(Current model year is defined as within the current calendar year)

3. If a vehicle was in an accident does it qualify to be a Honda certified pre-owned?

Depending on how much damage was done to the vehicle and that the repairs were done with genuine parts at a reputable mechanic and Bodyshop. If it was a small bumper hit then most likely yes, if it was a head-on collision most likely no.

4.Can any vehicle be a Honda certified vehicle”

No, only Honda vehicles originally imported or manufactured by Honda Canada for sale in Canada

5.Do Honda certified vehicles cost more than vehicles that are not Honda certified?

If they are similar in year model and Km’s, not very often do they cost more.

6. Will insurance cost less if my vehicle is Honda certified?

We hope it will in the future, but unfortunately not currently

7.If I’m trading in my vehicle will I receive more for my trade if it's considered to be a certified vehicle?

In most cases yes

8.Do honda certified vehicles get better financing rates?

Yes they do.

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