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What Should I do When my Vehicle Overheats?  

5 Tips to Follow When Your Car Engine is Overheating 

Dealing with an overheated vehicle can be stressful and even dangerous. Knowing what to do in this situation can help you stay safe and avoid costly damage to your car. When a vehicle overheats, it can cause severe damage to the engine and other components and can even lead to a breakdown or engine failure if not addressed promptly. Continue reading below to learn more about it. For your vehicle’s repair and maintenance services, visit Lloydminster Honda, our dealership in Lloydminster, AB.  

How to Fix an Overheated Engine  

  • When you notice your vehicle is overheating, turn off the engine. This will help prevent further damage to your engine and other components.  
  • Don’t try to open the hood or touch any parts of the engine until it has had a chance to cool down. Wait at least 30 minutes before checking the engine or adding any coolant.  
  • Once the engine has cooled down, check the coolant level in the radiator and overflow tank. If the level is low, add coolant as needed. Make sure to use the correct type of coolant for your vehicle.  
  • If the coolant level is low, check for any leaks in the cooling system. Look for signs of coolant on the ground under the vehicle or around the engine. If you find a leak, have it repaired as soon as possible.  
  • If you can’t fix the problem, call for roadside assistance or have the vehicle towed to a mechanic. Driving an overheated car can cause severe damage to the engine and other components.  
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