6 Earth-friendly features you’ll get in a new Honda

By: Lloydminster Honda   |   11 Feb 2019

Are you looking for a vehicle that is stylish, modern, powerful, fun, and environmentally friendly? If so, Honda has you covered. Long known for their great looks, amazing feel, and next-level performance, Honda vehicles have fast become one of the most eco-friendly rides on the road as well. Here we will look at a few of the many green features you’ll get in a new Honda.

  1. Eco Assist

Want to make sure that your ride is running at its efficient best? No problem, just press the ECON button and your Honda will do the rest. Eco Assist is designed to reduce energy usage by minimizing the requirements from non-essential systems, which means you’ll use less fuel and therefore create fewer harmful emissions as well.

  1. Satellite-Linked Navigation

One of the best ways to reduce your impact on the environment is to spend less time on the road and with Honda’s available Satellite-Linked Navigation system on board you’ll always know the fastest route from A to B. This will be a particularly big benefit for those who often visit new and unfamiliar areas, as you’ll now spend exactly zero time driving around lost.

  1. An ultra-efficient engine

This savvy automaker specializes in providing an ideal mix of power and efficiency, which means that guilt-free driving is finally within reach. For example, the 2019 Honda Fit requires as little as 7.0L/100km of fuel in the city and just 5.9L/100km on the highway, so you can expect to be filling up a lot less often.

  1. LED lighting

Honda vehicles now come equipped with a range of LED lighting systems – such as standard LED Daytime Running Lights and available LED headlights – and aside from boosting your visibility considerably, LED lights are also better for the environment. LED lights are not just more efficient in their use of energy than traditional lighting systems but they last a whole lot longer.

  1. Cutting-edge aerodynamics

The sleek style and gorgeous curves of Honda vehicles aren’t just a matter of good looks; rather, they are designed to minimise drag as well, which means less holding your vehicle back and therefore less fuel required to operate it. Once again, less fuel means fewer harmful emissions are created, a scenario that is always a whole lot cleaner, greener, and better for the environment.

  1. Hybrid and electric options

Honda now offers a wide range of quality hybrid and electric vehicle options, so if you are looking to up your eco-friendly game, look no further. Honda’s fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles now includes the Honda Accord Hybrid, the Honda Insight Hybrid, and the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, with additional options expected to become available in the near future.

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