7 Honda features that are made for winter

By: Lloydminster Honda   |   10 Oct 2018

Looking for a new ride this winter? If so, do yourself a favour and consider a Honda, because no other auto-maker goes to greater lengths to cover all of your winter-driving bases. Here we will take a brief look at some of the many Honda highlights you’ll love when the weather turns ugly this year.

  1. Proximity Key Entry

Never again will you be left fumbling for your keys in freezing conditions trying to get inside your ride, because with this clever feature as long as you have your keys in your purse or pocket it will unlock automatically the moment you touch the handle. You don’t even need your keys to get going thanks to Honda’s Pushbutton Start functionality.

  1. Multi-angle Rearview Camera

Spotting potential hazards when everything is covered in snow and ice can be challenging to say the least, but with a multi-angle rearview camera on board staying safe is a whole lot easier. Every time you shift into reverse you’ll get a crystal clear view of everything behind your vehicle displayed on the screen in front of you.

  1. Heated Seats

Warming up will be fast and easy in your new Honda, as not only are heated seats available for the driver, but also for both front and rear seat passengers as well. This popular feature will be a particularly huge highlight for those who suffer from back, neck, or hip problems, as it’ll help to keep those vital muscles loose, limber, and relaxed.

  1. Dual-zone Automatic Climate Control

Keeping everyone as warm or cool as they want to be is easy in a Honda, because with the dual-zone automatic climate control system on board the front and rear passengers can decide for them self what the temperature setting should be.

  1. Mirror-integrated LED Turn Signals

When the roads (and most of the vehicles) are covered with snow staying visible can be a serious challenge but this simple feature is sure to help. In fact, by making it easier for other drivers to tell where you are and what you are doing, Honda’s mirror-integrated LED turn signals could well save your life.

  1. Honda LaneWatch Blind Spot Display

This high tech feature will keep an eye out for other traffic for you, in particular anyone lurking in your blind spot. The way it works is that anytime you indicate your intention to change lanes you’ll be shown a live video feed of your blind spot, making it easier to navigate those difficult winter roads a little more safely.

  1. Eco Assist

As great as winter tires may be they will typically mean a dip in your ride’s fuel efficiency, but Honda’s Eco Assist provides a marvellous way to overcome this common problem. Just press the ECON button in your Honda and it will automatically adjust your overall vehicle performance to maximise efficiency for you.

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