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Lloydminster Honda – Invest in Life, Invest in a Honda

Welcome to Lloydminster Honda, the car dealership with a difference! Driving South on Hwy 17, Lloydminster Honda stands apart from the lineup of dealerships. Geographically separated from the others, it also stands apart for what is found within. Lloydminster Honda boasts new Hondas and used vehicles, as well as motorcycles, ATVs, and power equipment in our Powerhouse division.

Honda Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs, Power Equipment

Jon Lozowchuk, General Manager, explains, “We are a Honda automotive dealership and a Honda powerhouse dealership under one roof. Few dealerships in Canada can provide almost all of Honda’s products in one building. The only product we don’t currently carry is the Honda Jet”.

In 2008, Lloydminster Honda first opened its doors to the public with 22 full-time staff. “During the first few years, we concentrated on the development of our sales team, and becoming a fixture in the Lloydminster Community”, states Lozowchuk. “Since then we have developed top-notch Parts and Service departments. We have also built up our ProShop, on the second level, which carries all the gear you need for any type of motorcycle and ATV activity, from young to old, from novice to experienced”.

Honda Powerhouse

“Through our Powerhouse, we have sponsored local Moto X riders in both men’s and women’s divisions over the last 7 years. We are proud to be a part of the local racing community”, explains Lozowchuk. This is apparent in the posters of sponsored riders, and his personal collection of vintage bikes found within the building.

“Honda is always developing new features for their products. They will come up with an idea then test it repeatedly, soon it becomes an option to your vehicle purchase, and more often than not, it becomes a standard feature. One of the more recent innovations for the 2016 Pilot is a leather seat that will not stain from your blue jeans. This now means your light-coloured interior will stay that way.”

Honda Quality, Made in Canada

“Many people may not realize that most of the vehicles we have on the lot are made in Canada. They aren’t imported,” says Lozowchuk, “Honda is known for quality and reliability. Over the long term they’re going to last the longest, be the ones still on the road, and cost you less over time. This combination of quality and style has provided Canadians with the best vehicles in the market. This same quality is seen in every Honda motorcycle, ATV and piece of power equipment.”

“No matter what Honda product you buy, it will last you a very long time. As long as general maintenance is kept up, your Honda products will deliver.” says Lozowchuk. “Our aim is to create a pleasant and uncomplicated sales experience. Over the years we have received many thank-you cards and emails from satisfied customers, and this is one thing that tells me we are on the right track in providing the best purchasing experience for our customers. We have also achieved a top-10 standing within the Honda family for like-sized dealerships on more than one occasion, despite being relatively young.”

Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction

“Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service,” Lozowchuk explains, “is the focus.” We understand our customers are busy, and we want to meet their needs.” Together with his staff, which Lozowchuk refers to as “super-human” based on the amount of knowledge they must hold to seamlessly serve each of its customers, Lloydminster Honda is crafting a community-based, family-oriented culture. Lozowchuk adds, “With the support of Honda Canada, quality products, and an amazing staff, we are here for the long haul. Our customers are part of our family; we will be here for them well into the future.”

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