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Lloydminster Honda – Invest in Life, Invest in a Honda

Thank you for choosing Lloydminster Honda. Just South on Hwy 17, Lloydminster Honda stands apart from the lineup of dealerships such as Hyundai and Chrysler. Not just by map location but what makes this Honda Dealership a one-of-a-kind place to buy your next vehicle. Here at Lloyd Honda, you can find your favourite new Hondas models as well as certified used Honda vehicles, we are also a carrier of other models like RAM, Ford F-150, Acura’s, Hyundai’s and more. Unlike other automotive dealers, we are also a proud Honda motorcycles, ATVs, and power equipment dealer, so no matter what Honda Product you need you will find it in our Powerhouse division.

Our General Manage Jon Lozowchuk is far from what people expect when it comes to a General Manager. He is the type of person you would guess was a customer rather than the manager because he treats you like a friend, not a dollar sign. In his own words, he explains, “We are a Honda automotive dealership and a Honda powerhouse dealership all under one roof. That in itself will bring all different types of people from all walks of life through those doors. And to be honest that is probably my favourite part of my job. Meeting new people almost every day for over 20 years has taken the salesmen completely out of me and I think that’s why our customers keep coming back. Both myself and the staff have fun and make sure our customers know that even if they don’t buy anything from us, we are still just as happy they dropped in to say hi.” 

One stop Shop

Lloydminster Honda is one of the few Honda Dealers in Canada that can provide almost all of Honda’s products in one building. Lloydminster Honda first opened its doors to the public with 22 full-time staff in 2008. Since then, many positive changes have happened. We are proud to offer more than just Honda vehicles and products but we also have our amazing Parts and Service department, along with our ProShop which carries all the gear you need for any type of motorcycle and ATV activity, custom ordering helmets, visors, sunglasses, gloves, and all other protective gear. A big brand like FOX, Alpine, ODI, Oakley, Fly Racing and more. We have something for everyone from young to old, from newbie to experienced”.

Proud to sponsor our fellow riders and community. 

Lloydminster Honda Powerhouse is so proud to have sponsored local Moto X riders in both men’s and women’s divisions over the last 12 years. Being a part of the local racing community has made us love what we do even more, and we are so proud to be apart of this amazing community. 

Honda innovation 

“Honda is well known for always developing new features for their products. Innovation is what stands Honda apart from other brands because Honda is not afraid to think outside the box. Now we know a sunroof is nothing new since 2016, but did you know Honda was the first to introduce the feature in the outgoing previous-gen City? The new City will also be offered a one-touch electric sunroof. Also, just like other brands, the blind spot monitor feature has become standard in all brands and models. But again, this is where Honda has gone outside the box. Honda has positioned the cameras below the mirrors to protect them from damage. It helps the driver to be aware of vehicles trying to under-cut or carelessly overtake from the left side of the car. And now know that this will become a standard feature in all Honda models.

Honda Quality, Proud to be Made in Canada.

Many people may not realize that most of the vehicles we have on the lot are made in Canada. They aren’t imported. Honda is known for its high quality and reliability. According to “Forbes” and Honda has been and continues to be one of the longest-lasting vehicles on the road today... This combination of quality and style has provided Canadians with the best vehicles in the market that not only hold their price values but value what means the most to you as a customer. This same quality is seen in every Honda motorcycle, ATV and piece of power equipment.”

Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction always comes first.

We know that without our customers we wouldn’t be here. So, it’s us to be as innovative as the brand we represent and offer our customers all the information they are looking for along with answering questions many don’t think to ask. We have crafted a community-based, family-oriented atmosphere at Lloyd Honda. When any customer chooses Lloyd Honda it's our responsibility to never have the customer doubt that choice. We want them to be a part of the Honda Family for life just like we have.

So, if you are looking for a new Honda vehicle, Motorcycle, ATV, lawnmower or any other great Honda product, Know that we are located at 1904 50 Ave Lloydminister. And we are always ready to extend our knowledge, competitive pricing, and any servicing you need. But most importantly we are excited to extend our family to yours.

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